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Paul Clarke is a Digital Marketing Consultant in Hampshire (UK) providing industry-leading marketing advice and services to business customers.

Throughout the past ten years, Paul has helped scores of leading companies in many different sectors to grow and dominate their field, including his own PPC marketing agency, lead generation business and marketing data company.

Now his experience and services are available for hire. Whether you are just starting out or already have a mature and established marketing or lead generation strategy, Paul will be pleased to assist in the right way for you.

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Marketing Consultant in Hampshire Paul John Clarke

Selling Points

What Customers Like Best


Over 10 years experience in helping businesses in 30+ industries achieve excellent growth.


A man to be relied upon. Paul will always do what he says he’ll do.


Ambitious and successful at making customers highly profitable returns.


Impressive range of strategy and services able to help almost every business type grow.


Decades of experience in utilising the right tools at the right time for superior results.


With industry-leading technologies, Paul is able to scale campaigns to accommodate surging demand.

They Say It Best

Some of Paul’s Customers


Lee West, Managing Director, M-Brain

“We have been very impressed with Paul’s results and professionalism. Every month for many years now his services have delivered us hundreds of the best quality leads and exceptional business growth, including into new territories such as UAE and China.”

Kasia Borowska, Managing Director, Brainpool

“Paul has helped us to develop our market strategy and have become a valued partner in helping us reach and engage our target audiences.”

Gareth Penn, Managing Director, Good Salon Guide

“We have worked with Paul for many years on our PPC and SEO and are really really pleased with the results. Paul is also a lovely chap and I’d recommend working with him without hesitation.”

Tim Langley, CEO, CANDDi

“Paul is a unique talent. With little guidance he is able to create strategic marketing masterpieces that within just a few months have generated over £20,000 sales to my business.”

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Search Engine Optimisation

Helping businesses achieve ultimate organic visibility at the top of Google’s search results.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Services

Driving ultimate profitability to customers through Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads.

B2B Contact Data

Highest-quality GDPR-compliant marketing and lead generation contact lists fuelling outstanding results.

B2B Email Lead Generation

Generating warm inbound business enquiries and sales opportunities leading to profitable business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions


A marketing consultant is a professional marketer with experience in evaluating an existing marketing programme or creating a new one. Services of a marketing consultant might include strategic planning, competitive market analysis, value propositions, marketing planning.

In addition to marketing consulting services, Paul Clarke also offers services to manage marketing campaigns for customers and generate results.

Paul Clarke is primarily a digital marketing specialist, experienced in helping businesses generate new customers and sales enquiries through their online channels and websites.  This can include, but is not limited to, Google ads, social media and email campaigns, which have all proven to be highly effective in a range of industries.

Throughout the past 10 years, Paul has proven success within 40+ industries. Some examples include: Professional Services, Commercial Training, Financial Services, Investments, eCommerce, Consumer Services, Education, Information Services, Marketing & Advertising, Design & Creative, Retail, Engineering, Electrical Services, Building Products, Events Services, Software, Manufacturing, Industry Associations, Health & Care Services, Furniture, Telecommunications, Information Technology

The costs associated to a task or project will typically align with the complexity and/or level of expertise required. My rates are usually between £80-£150 per hour.

Let’s begin with a free no-obligation discovery call. That will enable you to learn about what I can offer and will help me to confirm that I can help.

A discovery call can be arranged through any of the contact details on this page.


Office 102, Gatcombe House, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 5EJ

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