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Paul Clarke is a Digital Marketing Consultant with over 10 years experience in helping businesses prosper and grow through successful and profitable marketing campaigns. With a proven track record of designing and applying effective marketing strategies across 40+ sectors, Paul is proud to be recognised as a leader in the marketing strategy field with customers spanning 5 continents. 


Understanding Your Markets & Trends

Performing research and analysis to understand the workings of your markets and how these are evolving to identify key areas of opportunity.

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Understanding Your Customers

Studying and analysing the key fears and desires of your best customers. Aligning your offering and marketing with their business needs and emotions for magnetic impact.

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Customer Moments & Triggers

Understanding the key events within your customers lives that drive them to take positive actions and make buying decisions. Aligning your marketing with these moments to show them you understand and care.

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Monitoring & Optimising

Closely preparing and studying the reports of performance analysis, uncovering deep insights and pinpointing areas of improvement.

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Understanding Your Business

Learning about the DNA of your business and what makes you and your customers tick. Understanding why you do what you do and the objectives that are most important to you.

Understanding your Competitors

Studying your key competitors to uncover your opportunities within the market. Identifying their offerings and strategies to make yours more compelling to the customers that matter most.

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Defining Your Value Proposition

Refining the truest forms of value that you offer to your customers and deciding how to serve those needs better than any of other provider.

Building The Plan

Crystallising the thoughts and analysis into a well defined plan of clear and concise actions that perfectly aligns with the needs of you and your customers.

Deploying & Testing

Thoughtfully rolling out the well prepared actions with intelligent AB variant testing for greatest results and actionable data.

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“Paul has helped us to develop our value proposition and penetrate our target markets effectively and efficiently. He is patient, professional and has delivered us the results we needed.” Chris Green, Director, Skore Software

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Frequently Asked Questions

A major part of building an effective marketing strategy lies in knowing the right questions to ask. 

Below is a selection of the most common questions we are asked when customers are considering starting out.

A marketing strategy refers to a company’s ‘game plan’ for identifying and reaching their best prospects and turning them into highly profitable customers. There are many methodologies and tools we use when building a marketing strategy and each business is unique in their preferences and objectives. A popular and simple starting methodology when preparing a strategy involves the 5 P’s (also called the marketing mix): Product, Price, Promotion, Place and People.

Creating a strategy can be an intensive process involving deep analysis around who you are as a business, who your best customers are and why they would want to buy your products or services.  Building an effective strategy that all stakeholders can believe in is a process that can take time and sometimes intense debate.  But in the long run, defining the answers up front is the fastest way to help any business define and achieve it’s goals. 

Building a marketing strategy is a consultative process and for that reason, no one size fits all.  Some businesses may already be clearly defined on important aspects and others may be just beginning the exploratory process. 

One very important factor to understand when considering the cost of building a strategy is that in the long run, a well defined plan from an experienced marketer should help to save a business valuable time and large sums of money by avoiding wastage and accelerating them towards profitability. For that reason, a good marketing plan should pay for itself tenfold by driving the company towards success.

If you would like to understand more about Paul’s services and the benefits of utilising a marketing consultant to prepare your marketing strategy, please Get in Touch to arrange an informal call. 

Once Paul has gained an outline understanding of your business and objectives, he will be pleased to prepare a proposal for your consideration.