Pay Per Click (PPC) Consultant

in Hampshire

Google Ads, Bing Ads and Social Paid Ads Specialist

Paul John Clarke is a Pay Per Click (PPC) Consultant in Portsmouth with over 10 years experience in helping customers enjoy highly profitable digital ads campaigns.

Whether you sell products or services, locally or globally, and no matter how competitive your market, Paul will be pleased to advise you around the best ways to generate business growth through Google.

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PPC Consultant Hampshire

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Unique Selling Points


Over 10 years expertise in all PPC campaign types.


Proven results in over 30 industries.


Recent testimonials & references from 20+ customers.


Over £500,000 customer budget currently under management.


Google Ads Certified and an Approved Google Partner.


It’s all about the end result. If my customers don’t make profit, nobody wins.

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