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Hi and thanks for visiting! My name is Paul Clarke and I’m a PPC Marketing Consultant with over 9 years of experience in helping companies like yours to experience profitable PPC results.

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The PPC profitability you deserve

Profitable Pay Per Click advertising really doesn’t need to be complicated. Simply put, your business needs to understand the objective goals it is looking to achieve (eg. prospect enquiries, online sales, etc) and how much it can afford to pay for each conversion (known as the cost per acquisition or CPA).  Once you understand these metrics in detail, things become a lot easier and the goal becomes finding the best quality PPC auctions that can fit the conversion goals and CPA tolerance. 

As a PPC specialist with over 9 years of experience, I’ve been fortunate to work with hundreds of businesses to drive their online advertising success. Below is a selection of some of the services I offer.  And if you would be interested to learn about the ways I can support your business, please Get in Touch and I will be very happy to assist.

Guaranteed PPC Results

Every PPC proposal I deliver includes a results guarantee. Meaning, if I am unable to deliver that result within the first 30-90 days of service, you will receive all your money back within 2 working days. It’s that simple.  

To find out the PPC marketing results I will guarantee for your business, please get in touch and I’ll be pleased to prepare a proposal. 


Google Ads

Helping your business be found by your warmest prospects searching Google for your products and services.

Facebook Ads

Creating visibility for your business on Facebook & Instagram with the prospects offering greatest potential to you.

YouTube Ads

Engaging your prospects and customers for ultimate profitability on the world's largest video platform.

Bing Ads

Reaching mature and high converting demographics with the best ads for driving your business conversions.

LinkedIn Ads

Highly targeted and profitable B2B ads campaigns on the largest professional network.

Twitter Ads

Twitter ads offer excellent targeting on the social platform designed for quick interaction.

The PPC Consultant you can trust

To generate you profitable results

As an experienced Pay Per Click manager, I am proud to be supported by an outstanding and longstanding team of PPC marketing assistants who help me with campaign management. Meaning I am able to consider the projects that other PPC consultants simply would not have the available time for. 

If you would like to learn more about the PPC services I can offer and how these would benefit you, please get in touch and I will be pleased to assist. 

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“Paul is a unique talent. With little guidance he is able to create strategic marketing masterpieces that within just a few months have generated over £20,000 sales to my business.”

Tim Langley, CEO, CANDDi Software


“Paul has helped us to develop our value proposition and penetrate our target markets effectively and efficiently. He is patient, professional and has delivered us the results we needed.”

Chris Green, Director, Skore Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a good and reliable PPC consultant that understands your business and knows how to generate you the best possible profits can be crucial to the success of your business.

Below are some of the questions I am commonly asked by prospects considering a PPC campaign. I hope you’ll find these useful, but please do get in touch if any other questions need answering.

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a model of internet marketing or advertising, where advertisers pay a fee (called a cost per click) each time one of their ads is clicked. This allows advertisers to ‘bid’ for the placement of their ad in a search engine’s results when a user is looking for their products or services.

Most PPC operates on an closed auction basis. This means the advertisers placing the highest bids and managing their accounts in the highest quality manner, are usually able to achieve the greatest exposure (impression levels) and sometimes also the lowest possible costs per click.

Pay Per Click advertising is available on all major search engines and social platforms popular in the UK, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

When using a Pay Per Click specialist, the customer has 2 costs:

Paying the platform for every time a user clicks your ads. When this happens, you are charged a cost per click (CPC) by the platform provider.  The budget a customer assigns for clicks is commonly called a ‘click budget’ and is decided by the customer how much they wish to spend. Usually, the more you spend on clicks, the greater financial returns you can expect.  So it all depends on your objectives and how much you are happy to spend. (keep in mind like any marketing method, there are no guarantees).

The 2nd group of costs is the management fee paid to the specialist for maximising your campaign and financial returns. Just like many investors use investment managers for maximising profits, many companies use PPC specialists for the same purpose. 

Paul’s costs are customised to each PPC project and will be confirmed in a proposal following suitable consultation and analysis. 

Typical PPC management fees  can range from £300 per month for a small campaign to £4,000 per month for a large on. 

To receive a PPC proposal, including expected outcomes and recommended costings, simply arrange a free PPC discovery call with Paul, who will be delighted to cover all the details required and discuss next steps. 

A call can be arranged though any of the contact details on this page.