51 Online Demos Booked in 6 Weeks

From a standing project start, we helped the customer to introduce their concept and value proposition to prospects and generate demo enquiries.

Efficient Campaign Scaling

After the initial 6 weeks, we successfully scaled the project supporting further performance growth.

10,000+ B2B Contacts Identified

I helped the customer define their target audience and built email contact lists to support the lead generation activity.

Valuable Competitive Market Research

In addition to leads generated, my customer was able to identify the major competitors being used, their pricing and strengths & weaknesses.


This lead generation campaign drew upon a number of my core skills and competencies.

Lead Generation Strategy
Contact Database Generation
Sales Copywriting
Lead Generation Activity
Email Contacts
Weeks Benchmark
Demos Booked
Return on Investment


Expense On Demand was established in 2003 to provide an innovative expense management solution to organisations frustrated by manual expenses around the world. Used by hundreds of thousands of users in over 70 countries, Expense On Demand is headquartered in The UK and has international offices in Australia, India, The USA, Singapore and China.

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